The write. function allows one to export a JSON file, but it does not seem to work for a GeoJSON file.

This is the code i ran:

write(map,"Map Layer2.GeoJSON")

and this was the error produced:

Error in cat(list(...), file, sep, fill, labels, append) : 
  argument 1 (type 'S4') cannot be handled by 'cat'

write is just a wrapper for cat (package base). See ?write:

Write Data to a File


The data (usually a matrix) x are written to file file. If x is a two-dimensional matrix you need to transpose it to get the columns in file the same as those in the internal representation.

To write a GeoJSON file, you can use writeOGR() instead (package rgdal):

coordinates(meuse) = c("x", "y")
# [1] "SpatialPointsDataFrame"
writeOGR(meuse, "test_geojson", layer="meuse", driver="GeoJSON")
  • I'm seeing that layer is required, but isn't used (dsn is used to name the output file). Any idea why? – Matt Mar 6 '17 at 19:55

Just to clarify rcs great answer and Matt's question for beginners. The dsn should be the path and full file name, layer is required but ignored. No, not sure why.

coordinates(meuse) = c("x", "y")
writeOGR(meuse, dsn="path/test_geojson.GeoJSON", layer="meuse", driver="GeoJSON")

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