I'm using QGIS 2.8 to modify a line. I need to add a point on one end of this line, and then move this new point further away, leaving the original end point in the same place.

I can manage to create a new point at the end of the line by:

  • entering Settings > Snapping options
  • setting "Snap to" "To Vertex"
  • setting a "Tolerance" that's > 0
  • selecting the layer and clicking "Toggle Editing"
  • selecting the "Node Tool"
  • double clicking on the end of the line

And here's the problem. When I try to move the point I just created, I move the old line end instead.

Here's what happens, in pictures.

Basic line New point on one end Wrong point moved

I want the old line end to stay there, untouched (same coordinates as before), while I want the new point I added to be moved. Instead, the opposite is happening.


What you seek can be done easily using the digitizing tools plugin.

The plugin adds a new toolbar with a couple of new tools.

enter image description here

The tool you need for this task is the amend lineenter image description here.

It get active when you turn edition mode in a line layer. And you use it by clicking the begin or end vertex of a line and then keep clicking for new vertex. To finish, you rigth click.

enter image description here

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The Node Tool can be a little difficult to handle, and can give random results when dealing with end points. You are following the correct procedure, but sometimes the new point seems to be created "under" the old one (it just happened to me).

Just try again and maybe try to change the zoom level. It should work eventually.

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