I have a large ESRI file geodatabase, that I loaded into QGIS with no problems. If I look at the attributes tab in the properties dialog, the fields are as they should be.

One of the fields is supposed to have small integers. If I try to symbol by this attribute, it gives me four levels: 10005, 48255, and 152528, but almost all of the features are missing the attribute. I cannot open the attribute table without QGIS crashing. Here's a screenshot of the file with the supposed symbology. gdb_qgis

If I save the .gdb as a shapefile, then the attributes are properly coded and assigned. Here's the shapefile symbology. shp_qgis

It seems as though there is a problem with how QGIS is handling the attributes table, but that filedb is all right because the shapefile export is fine. I would file a bug report, but I'm wondering if the community has a known workaround or things I could check.

session info

OS X 10.10 Yosemite QGIS 2.8.0 GDAL/OGR1.11.2



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