Does anyone know how to create points along a line (MultiLineString geometry) with a given distance in PostGIS? I'd like to create points at a regular distance over a line, which represents a shoreline.


Use ST_Line_Interpolate_Point

union them first to create a single complete without gaps line .


This worked:

CREATE TABLE coastalsegments AS (SELECT ST_Line_Substring(the_geom, 1000.00*n/length,
   CASE WHEN 1000.00*(n+1) < length THEN 1000.00*(n+1)/length ELSE 1 END) As the_geom
  (SELECT ST_LineMerge(coastal_shoreline.geom) AS the_geom, ST_Length(coastal_shoreline.geom) As length
   FROM coastal_shoreline)
   ) AS t
CROSS JOIN generate_series(0,10000) AS n
WHERE n*1000.00/length < 1);

ALTER TABLE coastalsegments ADD id bigserial, ADD segm_length real;

UPDATE coastalsegments SET segm_length = ST_Length(the_geom);

CREATE TABLE coastal_pts AS SELECT id, ST_Line_Interpolate_Point(the_geom, 0.5) AS the_geom FROM  coastalsegments;
  • This should probably be made into an edit ("added solution") to your original post, and accept nicves's answer.
    – Simbamangu
    May 18 '16 at 6:54

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