Location of my research are reservoirs which have an area of 47 and 62 km2.

I need a better image resolution than Landsat(Pan).

  • Some additional information on the temporal aspects are required to answer your question. Are you looking at deriving data for a single point in time, or do you want to establish a timeseries? What kind of budget do you have to do this? – Mikkel Lydholm Rasmussen May 26 '15 at 8:46
  • both of them, single point in time and time series. I need suggestions for the best and better image resolution than Landsat 7(Pan), from most expensive to cheapest. – Yax May 26 '15 at 13:16
  • for a list of sensors that should be considered, take a look at this article: researchgate.net/profile/Salman_Ashraf/publication/… in addition to the list on page 4, add WorldView-3, Pleiades and SPOT6 / SPOT7. The list and the pricings are a bit outdated and you should contact your local imagery reseller for up to date information. – Mikkel Lydholm Rasmussen May 26 '15 at 14:09

You could try the MODIS Gridded Vegetation Indices.

I've worked with MODIS products before and can vouch for their quality, although I haven't done any chlorophyll analysis like the one that you mention.

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