I want to create a workflow with a QGIS script where I need a viewshed tool. There is a really cool viewshed plugin. Unfortunately I am not able to access it in the QGIS console. I also found out that GRASS GIS 7.0 and SAGA GIS have viewshed tools. But I am not able to access them in QGIS.

Do you have an idea how I can use a viewshed tool in a QGIS script?

  • As an FYI, gis.stackexchange.com/questions/148351 has a comment that indicates the GRASS7 QGIS plugin is not yet available. I don't know anything more, just remembered seeing that a couple of days ago. – Chris W May 25 '15 at 20:22

I hope it is not too late for you but this is how you can get access to Grass 7 and SAGA tools in QGIS. NB. I am using QGIS 2.8

  1. Ensure that SAGA, Grass 7 and msys are installed in your PC and that they (Grass and SAGA) are running.

  2. Run Grass 7 (directly by double clicking the Grass icon or through QGIS plugins menu) and set up a new mapset. (This sets up the working environment for GRASS which is a requirement to use it). After this it is not necessary that GRASS is still open and you may close it.

  3. Go to Processing Menu - Options - Providers. Configure the paths for the GRASS and SAGA folders as well as msys folder to point to the installation directories respectively.

for example as show in the graphic below.

enter image description here

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