I use R and the gstat package to construct variograms of temperature, and I would like to ask If anyone knows what weighting scheme does the gstat package use to fit a model to the sample variogram?


It depends on the fit.method chosen in the function fit.variogram. If you use:

  • fit.method = 0, no fit
  • fit.method = 1, weights are equal to Nj
  • fit.method = 2, weights are equal to Nj / {γ(hj)}2
  • fit.method = 5, REML (restricted maximum likelyhood)
  • fit.method = 6, no weights (OLS = Ordinary Least Squares)
  • fit.method = 7, Nj / hj2

Please see this:

  • Table 4.2: values for fit in the Gstat user's manual
  • Details section in the fit.variogram documentation

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