I frequently find myself in Python debug mode, trying to examine the fields of a layer or table.

arcpy.Describe(lyr).fields returns an array of <geoprocessing describe field object> which isn't much use.

About 10 times a day I find myself typing this:

flds = [] for fld in arcpy.Describe(lyr).fields: flds.append(fld.name)

Is there a faster way to obtain a readable listing of the layer or table's fields in arcpy?

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    all I can think of is ListFields: for f in arcpy.ListFields(lyr): print f.name, but basically that's the same... you could compact that down to one line, in the end it's all the same. Even in ArcObjects you get a fields object from a feature class then iterate through it for (x=0;x<fields.count;x++) { ...} – Michael Stimson May 26 '15 at 2:01
  • A bit better - at least I can keep that in Notepad and paste it rather than typing! – Stephen Lead May 26 '15 at 2:14

What you are doing works just fine. This is pretty much the same code but as a more elegant solution:

flds = [f.name for f in arcpy.ListFields(lyr)]
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    simplify it further: print [f.name...... ] , then save your common 'stuff' in a text file that you keep open when using ArcMap... now if only you could get rid of 'lyr' as something to change – user681 May 26 '15 at 2:19
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    yes, everyone should spend some time with python list comprehension. it's super powerful and will help in all kinds of unexpected ways. docs.python.org/2/tutorial/… – mr.adam May 26 '15 at 2:22

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