When I attempt to applyEdits as an update to my application I receive the following errors: Error message that I receive. I uploaded my most recent revision on Github at: https://github.com/csergent45/streetSigns/tree/119dc2ec277a347c066f92fa13e0ca76f182fb8f

My code is is in app/main.js

You can download the app and run it; don't allow for geolocation and then click on a red point; this will open the sign editing form; you can then modify it, click update and then an error will occur in the console where applyEdits is on line 723 in the app.

  • it'd be substantially more convenient to help you troubleshoot your problem if you took the time to write/share a simplified repro case. Jun 7 '15 at 20:57

Right now the ESRI CDN source looks like it has a broken build. For instance, you cannot pan or zoom on the map right now whereas yesterday you could. I would wait until later in the day to see if their fix doesn't take care of your problem.


You should correct your objectid value type from string to number.

your request is here :

updates:[{"attributes":{"objectId":"43532","mutcd":"D3-1   (Street sign)  -  Street Name & Parking Signs","installed":null,"signId":"5912","facing":"N","visibility":"Good","condition":"Good","supportId":"3680","text":" ","color1":"","delineator":"None","illum":"None","offset":"","mountht":"","backing":"Aluminum","width":"","height":"","txtSize":"","numSize":"","comments":" ","twoSided":"Y","attachType":"","attachNum":"","attachLoc":"Main pole","siteObs":"Clear","signShape":"","color2":""}}]

and correct request should be like this

updates:[{"attributes":{"objectId":43532,"mutcd":"D3-1   (Street sign)  -  Street Name & Parking Signs","installed":null,"signId":"5912","facing":"N","visibility":"Good","condition_":"Good","supportId":"3680","text":" ","color1":"","delineator":"None","illum":"None","offset":"","mountht":"","backing":"Aluminum","width":"","height":"","txtSize":"","numSize":"","comments":" ","twoSided":"Y","attachType":"","attachNum":"","attachLoc":"Main pole","siteObs":"Clear","signShape":"","color2":""}}]

and you should add the following code at line 722 in app/main.js:

attributes.objectId = parseInt(attributes.objectId)

and you should change the following code at line 262 in index.html

<select id="condition" class="form-control" name="condition_" required></select>

because your field name is CONDITION_

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