I have checked this question here but it one of the link is missing and it was on suite 3.0 and i have no idea if it will work on suite 4.6.I have installed the print extension in opengeosuite then checked the default link "http://localhost:8080/geoserver/pdf/info.json?var=printCapabilities" print capabilities its working here is my code for app.js

 * Add all your dependencies here.
 * @require plugins/Print.js
 * @require GeoExt.ux/PrintPreview.js
 * @require GeoExt/plugins/PrintProviderField.js
 * @require GeoExt/plugins/PrintPageField.js
 * @require OpenLayers/Control/ScaleLine.js
 * @require widgets/Viewer.js
 * @require plugins/LayerTree.js
 * @require plugins/OLSource.js
 * @require plugins/OSMSource.js
 * @require plugins/WMSCSource.js
 * @require plugins/ZoomToExtent.js
 * @require plugins/NavigationHistory.js
 * @require plugins/Zoom.js
 * @require plugins/AddLayers.js
 * @require plugins/RemoveLayer.js
 * @require RowExpander.js
 * @require GeoExt/widgets/PrintMapPanel.js

added ptype in tools section of the app.js

    ptype: "gxp_print",
    customParams: {outputFilename: 'GeoExplorer-print'},
    printService: "/geoserver/pdf/",
    actionTarget: "map.tbar",
    showButtonText: true

added the css, GeoExt.ux. Have a look at the screen shot of error enter image description here

If there some tutorial for it let me know.

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