A popup won't open until the data file has loaded and the layer is added to the map - that's pretty obvious. I figured it would help to bind it to the 'add' event - but that never fires:

var l1 = omnivore.kml('data/Niveauregulering01a.kml');
var pop = '<img src="content/img/whatever.jpg" alt="..." style="width:300px;"/>'
l1.on('add', function(){

There seems to be no other event that I can bind it to: http://leafletjs.com/reference.html#path-add

Any suggestions?

  • NB: I used to develop with OpenLayers 2.x for years - now just getting to know Leaflet. The documentation confuses me - I'd expect a super class for all layer types that they would inherit from. The class structure in Leaflet seems less structured to me.
    – jollege
    May 27 '15 at 7:55

You can try:

map.on('layeradd', function(layer, layername){


You should bind the event to the map object.


You cannot bind the popup directly to omnivore.kml, according to their docs the returned object is a L.geoJson() layer -- so a pool of features.

Try to bind the popup on each feature:

var KML_layer = L.geoJson(null, {
    onEachFeature: function (feature, layer) {

var runLayer = omnivore.kml('line.kml', null, KML_layer);

//and so on
  • Strange, it fires twice, but it doesn't open the popup: var l1 = omnivore.kml('data/file.kml?'); var pop = '<img src="file.jpg"/>'; l1.bindPopup(pop); m.on('layeradd', function(e){ vg.log(e); l1.openPopup() }); l1.addTo(m);
    – jollege
    May 28 '15 at 21:32
  • I have an issue with map 'load' event: m.on('load', function(){ var $ib = $('#vgInfoButtonsContainer'), $lc = $('.leaflet-control-layers:first'); console.log($ib,$lc); $ib.append( $lc.detach() ); }); - the event never fires. If I use e.g. 'focus' or 'click' events, they fire as expected.
    – jollege
    May 29 '15 at 11:22
  • but this is out of the question scope, is your initial question solved? May 29 '15 at 11:59
  • Thanks, it sort of works. I bind KML_layer.openPopup() and a console.log to the map's 'layeradd' event and the popup opens allright. The event fires hundreds or even thousands of times. That is very disturbing!
    – jollege
    May 29 '15 at 13:42
  • Pusling: My workaround before was setTimeout(function(){l1.openPopup()}, 500) which worked fine - i.e. it was not a problem to bind and open a popup on what omnivore returned - only when bound to the 'addlayer' event it was not possible. Combined with the 'load' event never firing - seems to me that events are unreliable in Leaflet?
    – jollege
    May 29 '15 at 13:54

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