I am mapping points with values from 0-100 and want to display these using a gradient color scheme. However I also want to specify the breaks as regular intervals along this range. For a gradient QGIS automatically chooses breaks but doesn't allow me to specify the start, stop, and interval size. Alternatively I can use rule-based styling but it becomes tedious to update the point sizes, colors, etc.

Is there are smarter way to get QGIS to create a gradient style but retain the flexibility of the rule-based cutoffs as well? The points share the same attributes except for color, which is determined by gradient.

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For this use case I'd suggest to specify the cutoffs by setting a respective query in General | Feature subset and then configure the graduated renderer.

Similar results could be achieved using data-defined styling if you don't mind that QGIS currently cannot create a legend for data-defined styles.

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