I recently added Mapbox's Geocoder Control and it works wonderfully. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I could have a marker appear at the location of the address that was searched for? Below is the code I'm currently using for the control.

.addControl(L.mapbox.geocoderControl('mapbox.places', { position: 'topright', keepOpen: false, autocomplete: false }))

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Jonatas' answer works great. If you're using the goecode autocomplete, use the 'select' event instead of the 'found' event. Here is how I place a marker for the geocoded result:

    var geocoderControl = L.mapbox.geocoderControl('mapbox.places', {keepOpen: false, autocomplete: true});

    geocoderControl.on('select', function(object){
       var coord = object.feature.geometry.coordinates;
       L.marker([coord[1], coord[0]]).addTo(map);

There is a found event for this in mapbox.js. Not tested, but something like this should work:

// add the control and keep a reference to it
var geocoderControl = L.mapbox.geocoderControl('mapbox.places', { position: 'topright', keepOpen: false, autocomplete: false });

// listen for the found event and add a marker
geocoderControl.on('found', function(res) {
    var feature = res.results.features[0];

It can be done as it follows:

var geocoder_control = L.mapbox.geocoderControl('mapbox.places', {
    keepOpen: false
var map = L.mapbox.map('map', 'mapbox.streets').addControl(geocoder_control);

geocoder_control.on('select', function(object){
    var coord = object.feature.geometry.coordinates;

        type: 'Feature',
        geometry: {
            type: 'Point',
            coordinates: coord
        properties: {
            title: 'Peregrine Espresso',
            'marker-size': 'large',
            'marker-color': '#BE9A6B',
            'marker-symbol': 'cafe'


Plunker Demo

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