I am trying to do an intersect query on two polygon layers in MapInfo. One is a buildings layer and the other are 2d mesh triangles. I want to get the max depth from any of the triangles that intersect the buildings layer. As multiple meshes intersect a single building polygon I end up with multiple entries of that building polygon in the background table, with each duplicate entry having a different depth corresponding to which triangle it intersects with.

Is there a way of automating the process so that I can have one buildings layer with the max depth for that building corresponding to the triangle (2d mesh) with the max depth?

  • Do you want to do this via a query and see the result in a query or do you want to update your buildings with the max depth value from the triangles? May 29, 2015 at 5:47

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Sure you can. Add a column to your buildings table called MaxDepth (or whatever you want to call it) of the correct type, I assume Float. Then use Table > Update Column and use the below in the 'Update Column' dialog.

  • Table to update: Buildings
  • Column to update: MaxDepth
  • Get Value from Table: MeshTriangles
  • Click 'Join...' button and select 'Where object Intersects object...'
  • Calculate: Max
  • of: MaxDepth (or whatever the depth column is called in the mesh table)

You should now have the maximum depth from any of the intersecting triangles assigned to each building.

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