I have two different layers which I call from Geoserver. The first one is a WMS layer with points and the second one is WFS layer with lines. I need to display the points above the lines and I also need to be able to select each line and get some data. I use the Openlayers2 library to display the layers on the map. I set the index of the WMS layer like this:

wms_layer.setZIndex( 1001 );

So I am sure it will appear on top when I display it from the layer switcher. But the problem is that when I make visible the WMS layer then the WFS layer is not clickable. Is there a way to fix this?

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Afterall I decided to use a WFS layer instead of a WMS one. I still had the same problem but it was fixed when I added the layer in the following code:

clickControl = new OpenLayers.Control.SelectFeature(
                    [wfs_layer_network,wfs_layer_komvoi,wfs_layer_freatia], // wfs_layer_freatia -> added layer
                        clickout: true,
                        //hover: true,
                        //box: true

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