I want embed a Mapbox map on a website and put some placemarks on it (I already did so, but that was a year ago and everything was easier back then ;)). I am a bit confused with the new Mapbox Studio software, one has to use to create custom styled maps with Mapbox now.

What I want is actually quite simple: a map that looks more or less exactly like the first one in this blog post:


So just the Natural Earth terrain baselayer and nothing else. I probably would change the water colour, but that's it.

How do I do that?


I can think of two quick options:

  • download the NE topography .tif and create a MapBox Studio source from it (see the guide on source projects). Upload it to MapBox and create a simple style project to render it. Since the raster is already styled, the CartoCSS would be pretty minimal: just apply the raster-opacity: 1; property.

  • try to recreate the NE topography style using MapBox's terrain sources. A little more work behind this, but you get total control over the terrain styling and don't have to worry about hosting your own source projects. The MapBox Outdoors style project that ships with MapBox Studio (and references MapBox's own terrain layers) would probably be a great place to start. For reference, see these first three design guides.

And a third option, just use TileMill to generate the tileset from NE layers.

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