I was using UNIX based ArcInfo Workstation software and I have many Data in a coverage file.

I need this files to change to shapes to use in ArcGIS Desktop software.

By exporting it brings only the data.

How can I bring those symbols for all (.txt, .lin, .shd and .mrk) which are created in ArcInfo Workstation to use them in ArcGIS Desktop 9.3?

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Migrating from ArcInfo™ Workstation: An ESRI ® Technical Paper • December 2002 says on page 6:

Symbology: all ArcInfo Workstation symbols—plus many more—are available through style sets. A symbol converter is also available for converting custom ArcInfo symbol sets.

I do not recall having ever used or seen that symbol convertor but if you are not able to locate it then I recommend contacting your local Esri support.

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