This works to avoid Basemap layers such as Google Maps and overlays such as WMS to appear in the GeoExt Legend Panel:

var legendPanel = new GeoExt.LegendPanel({
    border: false,
    filter: function(record){
        if(!(record.getLayer().isBaseLayer) && (record.getLayer() instanceof OpenLayers.Layer.WMS)){
        return true;
    } });

The problem is that I need to filter (ie. no display) layers with names having "beam" in their names, I tried with no success this:

return record.getLayer().displayInLayerSwitcher == false && record.getLayer().name == '%beam%';
return record.getLayer().displayInLayerSwitcher == false &&
record.get("layer").name.indexOf("%beam%") == -1;
return record.get("layer").name.indexOf("%beam%") == -1;
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    Why did you surround the keyword with % in the first place? – kryger Jun 1 '15 at 12:44

Just remove the "%". Use

return record.getLayer().name.indexOf("beam") == -1;

instead of

return record.getLayer().name.indexOf("%beam%") == -1;

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