Is there an easy way to get the bounding box for an entire table in PostGIS?


ST_Extent should do the trick.

ST_Extent — an aggregate function that returns the bounding box that bounds rows of geometries.

Applied like this:

SELECT ST_Extent(the_geom) as table_extent FROM your_table;

As @underdark post, st_extent will do the job, but be aware that it will not return a geometry. If you need a geometry type you should use something like

SELECT ST_SetSRID(ST_Extent(the_geom),THE_SRID) as table_extent FROM your_table;

Also if what you need is get the bounding box of each of the rows i think that you can use this sentence:

SELECT ST_SetSRID(ST_Extent(the_geom),THE_SRID) as table_extent FROM your_table GROUP BY gid;

Assuming that gid is the primary key of the table


Another possibility is to use the ST_Envelope function, which returns a geometry with SRID,

ST_Envelope — Returns a geometry representing the bounding box of the supplied geometry

, along with the aggregate function ST_Union to obtain the union of all geometries (or the union of their respective envelopes) as follows:

SELECT ST_Envelope(ST_Union(geom)) AS table_extent FROM your_table


SELECT ST_Envelope(ST_Union(ST_Envelope(geom))) AS table_extent FROM your_table

The second option should be faster as it simplifies the union operation by using the envelopes of individual geometries.

see Source.

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