I am looking for sample graphics/pictures that I can use in my program for pinpoints and other markers. Does ArcGIS/ESRI have any that are available to the public? I'm trying to use PictureMarkerSymbol and I would like to use a url to the graphic/picture location if there is one.


ESRI do have a useful resources page for javascript developers that will generate the JSON needed to embed the marker symbol. I know you're not looking for the JSON, but if you look at the JSON code, there is a url to the image. I have not tired this, but you might be able to use that url.


I have been using for some time icons from Material Design icons by Google and just love it. Docs are here.

A sample picture: https://github.com/google/material-design-icons/blob/master/maps/1x_web/ic_directions_bike_black_18dp.png

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