I am working on a code to clip a raster with another raster. I have a forestcover.tiff image and I want to clip it by using other image clip.tiff which extend lies within it. I don't want to use arcpy module because it requires ArcGIS installed. My code should work for all users.


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You can use the subprocess module with the GDAL command line utilities to solve this.

import subprocess

#input files
forestcover = "/data/forestcover.tif"
clip = "/data/clip.tif"

#output files
cutline = "/data/cutline.shp"
result = "/data/result.tif"

#create the cutline polygon
cutline_cmd = ["gdaltindex", cutline, clip]

#crop forestcover to cutline
#Note: leave out the -crop_to_cutline option to clip by a regular bounding box
warp_cmd = ["gdalwarp", "-of", "GTiff", "-cutline", cutline, "-crop_to_cutline", forestcover, result]

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