I have a bsq file and I was able to produce the header from the metadata.

What steps do I take to display this BSQ file in ArcGIS ESRI GRID format?

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    What do you mean "display this BSQ file in ArcGIS ESRI GRID format"? Do you mean you want to display the BSQ in ArcGIS ArcMap, i.e show it on the map? Or do you want to convert the BSQ to an ESRI GRID format. – user2856 Jun 9 '15 at 1:19

BSQ (band sequential by pixel) is an Esri raster type, if it's not displaying then perhaps you're missing the header file that goes with it.

To convert to an Esri GRID format use a tool like CopyRaster to copy it to a grid (just don't add an extension).

Esri GRID has very specific naming rules: Max length 13 characters, no spaces in path or GRID name... be careful where you put it and what you call it.

It cannot be stored using spaces. It cannot start with a number. It cannot be longer than 13 characters (a multiband grid is allowed up to 9 characters).

From Esri Grid Format in Esri Help.

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