I am part of the technical team of the Autoridad de Fiscalización y Control Social de Bosques y Tierras of the Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia , and we are conducting a multi-temporal study of the dynamics of fires in national territory, we would be very useful to access MCD64A MODIS products ; MCD64A1 , we are now mapping products and MCD45A1 MCD45A grateful,

When we try to use the tool "Modis Reprojection Tool" with MCD64A1 , the HDF data files haven't datum, and that genres error datum, so which datum we should use in HDF Products to get products geotiff with projection Geographic datum WGS84?


The products derived from MODIS are generally in Sinusoidal Projection. In the MODIS Reprojection tool, there is an option to specify its projection to Geographic, and then select the WGS-84 datum. You can also use MRT in batch mode.

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