I'm developing a Leaflet application. For that I want to display the complete attribute table of a particular WMS layer using Leaflet.

Is it possible that we can do that?


That's possible using a plugin for leaflet. Take a look on this one https://github.com/heigeo/leaflet.wms

You'll be able to display a popup containing attributes for each feature of a wms layer, thanks to the GetFeatureInfo

  • Yeah.that's correct but i want to see the full attribute table of the wms layer not for particular feature. – Shiva Jun 10 '15 at 10:19

No, it's not possible to get ALL the attributes for a WMS layer, it doesn't matter whether you are using Leaflet or not.

If you want all the attribute information from the underlying data, you will need to retrieve the data itself, so you will need that the WMS service provider also provides an accompanying WFS or WCS service.

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