I'm relatively new to QGIS.

I added the hover labels to my map using the Map Tips. My issue is that it makes hover labels for EVERY layer on my map. I only want it to make labels for one layer.

Is there a way to fix this like assigning Map Tips to only apply to one layer?

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I am rather new to QGIS as well so there may be a much better way to accomplish map tip suppression for individual layers:

Just made a quick test with v2.8.2 on Windows. From the "Display" page of the layer properties, setting the Map Tip to display to be a field filled with NULL values results in no map tip for that layer.

I also found if the map tip value is a python function that returns no value the map tip is suppressed. What I did:

  1. Open layer properties
  2. Select Display page
  3. Enable HTML and hit Insert expression... button
  4. Selecting Function Editor showed a scratch area with a template function that takes an argument, does nothing and does not return a value:

    from qgis.core import *
    from qgis.gui import *
    @qgsfunction(args="auto", group='Custom')
    def func(value1, feature, parent):
  5. Switch back to the Expression tab and enter func(1) in the expression editor and hit Ok to go back to the layer properties _Display" page. The value 1 is not important

  6. The HTML map tip display text should be set to [% func(1)%]

  7. Ok to close the layer properties dialog and test Map Tips for that layer. I do not have any on this layer.

Hope this of some help.

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