In a single vector layer I have a three of polygons with different field values (e.g1,2,3). How Can I color each field value polygon differently? To explain a bit more my three polygons are showing the levels of risks. I would like to demonstrate red color where ever the polygon field value is 3 and blue where is one.

I can show the polygons field attribute value (number as text) on the map using labels but can not use the value to illustrate different color for each field attribute value.


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You can select a Categorized (2.) symbology under Layer Properties -> Style (1.).

To define custom colours for every single value, you can classify (4.) the layer with the selected attribute column (3.). After the automatic classification, you can assign a different colour for every different field value by double clicking the coloured square under Symbol (5.), and choosing a colour in the popup window (6.). You have to repeat the process manually for every different value.


  • Thanks a lot Gabor, really appreciated with well explained graphical snapshot.This saved me a lot of time. Highly appreciated.
    – Dennis
    Jun 12, 2015 at 1:42

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