I'm writing a feature layer editor demo and I'm using the esri.dijit.editing.Editor class.

According to documentation (https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/jsapi/editor-amd.html), both attribute edits and geometry edits are saved automatically.

  • Attribute edits are saved automatically when you change selection, change the focus field, or press enter.
  • Geometry edits are saved automatically.

The editor is working fine but I wanna add a save button to applyEdits only after click it.

Follow my source code and my attempts:

var params = {
    settings: {
        map: map,
        geometryService: geometryService,
        templatePicker: templatePicker,
        layerInfos: [
                featureLayer: featureLayer 
        toolbarVisible: true,
        enableUndoRedo: true,
        maxUndoRedoOperations: 15,
        createOptions: {
            polylineDrawTools: [
            polygonDrawTools: [
        toolbarOptions: {
            cutVisible: true,
            mergeVisible: true,
            reshapeVisible: true
        layerInfo: {
            disableGeometryUpdate: true

var editorWidget = new Editor(params, "<editor-div-id>");

I've tried to stop event propagation using dojo/_base/event but the argument passed in before-apply-edits (FeatureLayer) is not a "valid event".

featureLayer.on('before-apply-edits', function(e) {
    // ...
    event.stop(e); // will trow error

Tried to clear the edits array too but continue saving:

featureLayer.on('before-apply-edits', function(e) {
    // ...
    e.adds = [];
    e.updates = [];
    e.deletes = [];

Someone know how to prevent this behavior?

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I fix this creating a workaround that override the default applyEdits method with a dummy method and calling the real applyEdits after.

// saving the default method for later use
featureLayer.myApplyEdits = featureLayer.applyEdits;

// override with dummy function
featureLayer.applyEdits = function(adds, updates, deletes, callback, errback) {
    // store the arguments in local variable
    // ...

    // create and returns dojo.Deferred to Editor still working
    var deferred = new dojo.Deferred();

    // simulate async execution (.then() callback)
    setTimeout(function() {
    }, 100);

    return deferred;

And then on button click:

featureLayer.myApplyEdits(adds, updates, deletes);

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