I'm looking for a downloadable listing of place names for Iran, in Farsi script.

  • I downloaded GeoNames for Iran, but many of the place names in there seem to be only in Latin script (of 253,000 names, 100,000 are in Farsi script).
  • OSM has been suggested by Brad, to be queried using Overpass (Turbo). But I'm not sure whether it's possible to extract places in a particular country. Some tags like is_in or is_in:country are helpful, but are not consistently used. Maybe there's a relation I need to find?
  • Global Gazetteer from Falling Rain Genomics seems to have lots of data from several public sources, including 200,000 place names in Roman script and 200,000 in Farsi and/or Arabic. But I don't see any way to extract the data other than web-crawling/scraping.
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    You could probably get an extract from OSM (e.g. via overpass-turbo) – BradHards Jun 14 '15 at 0:34
  • @BradHards, thanks for the suggestion. Do you know how to get Overpass to return only places in a given country? I've used filter clauses like [is_in ~ "Iran$|ایران$"], but this clearly misses a lot of places. A bbox would give more places, but not restricted to Iran. – LarsH Jun 15 '15 at 15:06

for the OSM query, this will get you pretty far:

out body;
out skel qt;

I got 13220 nodes returned this way via Overpass Turbo. You could also do the same things for ways or relations, and/or modify the key query (such as using "name:fa", although it seems like most nodes have the name key in farsi)

One more thing, you can view just the name tags, as well as specify names in a particular language via the Multilingual Maps Test.

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