I have a point cloud dataset that I would like to upload to my postgres/postgis database.

I followed this tutorial and I could install everything without problems (on ubuntu 14.04. On ubuntu 12.04 it did not work link), but I have issues to upload the point cloud into my database.

In the tutorial there are some commands to check the lidar metadata. This one is not working in my case: pdal info --input merged.laz --metadata --xml

it says:

Usage error: option '--xml' did not split correctly. Is it in the form --readers.las.option=foo?

pdal generate error when I try to upload the lidar data to the database: pdal pipeline --input laz2pg.xml

PDAL: Couldn't create reader stage of type 'drivers.las.reader'.

The content of my pipeline xml file is the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Pipeline version="1.0">
  <Writer type="drivers.pgpointcloud.writer">
    <Option name="connection">dbname='lidar' user='postgres' host='localhost' port='5432' password='Alibaba22'</Option>
    <Option name="table">test</Option>
    <Option name="srid">27000</Option>
    <Filter type="filters.chipper">
      <Option name="capacity">400</Option>
      <Filter type="filters.cache">
        <Reader type="drivers.las.reader">
          <Option name="filename">merged.laz</Option>
          <Option name="spatialreference">EPSG:27000</Option>

I went trough on this tutorial two times a couple of months ago and it worked, but I have no clue what is wrong now.


Your Reader and Writer types are incorrect. They should be readers.las and writers.pgpointcloud, respectively. The name change happened here: https://github.com/PDAL/PDAL/commit/b7cde7e1fb13f28db1de7797dbb31392db1f7dfc.

You can run pdal --drivers to get a complete list of drivers supported on your system.

  • Thanks for your answer. I will be on holidays for two weeks, but I will check it as soon as I'm back. – Tamas Kosa Jun 26 '15 at 7:15

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