I'm currently exploring ArcGIS's Android SDK.

However, I've found that when adding a ShapefileFeatureTable to a FeatureLayer:

    FeatureLayer featureLayer = new FeatureLayer(shapefileFeatureTable);
    featureLayer.setRenderer(new SimpleRenderer(new SimpleFillSymbol(

and then trying to remove it:


it doesn't work! (the layer is still visible)

I've tried to change the following:


and this doesn't work either.

EXPLANATORY NOTE: I'm trying to add and remove the feature layer because I want to show a GraphicsLayer on the map, but if I don't load a FeatureLayer first, the MapView stays completely black. I tried to set the SpatialReference and the background grid, but the only thing that worked was adding a bogus FeatureLayer first. I eventually "fixed it" by calling:


But I still think it's suboptimal solution. Any ideas??


Basically, the problem occurred because the layer wasn't added yet when I tried to remove it (the layer addition is an asynchronous process), so you need to add a listener:

    mapView.addLayer( featureLayer );
    mapView.setOnStatusChangedListener( new OnStatusChangedListener() {
        // adding and removing immediately doesn't work
        // you need to wait until the featureLayer is fully added/loaded to be able to remove it
        public void onStatusChanged( Object o, STATUS status ) {
            if ( o == featureLayer ) {
                if ( status == STATUS.LAYER_LOADED ) {
                    mapView.removeLayer( featureLayer );
                    mapView.setOnStatusChangedListener( null );
    } );

I added the setOnStatusChangedListener back to null to not have the callback be run every time the map status changes.

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