i have GPS data from 15 trucks for one month. The data include (location x-y, speed, altitude and vehicle_id). I have used tracking analyst to visualize the data but i need to group them by day to show each truck's trip in detail. Because not all the cars travel every day and same hours.. So i get no result if i put them altogether.

How can i check that my GPS data has no bias?

i observed that there are cases when a truck makes a trip from a to b it turns off the gps at b and the other day it starts again from a. So when i get ArcGIS to calculate distances it appears a wrong (and often too big) distance.

How can i fix that? Should i split my dataset by day?

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  • How can i check my GPS data for bias? Jun 19, 2015 at 8:18
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It could be that depending on the software that you use to do the sum, if one vehicle has no data, then the final sum is invalid. As a simple workaround, you can set value to 0 (zero) for those cars/trucks without data and then do the sum. This workaround is not helpful if you want to know which car did not travel on a specific date.

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