In Tilemill, I have a #layer that consists of a CSV with 3 columns: [Name], [Latitude], and [Longitude].

I have plotted points using the latitude and longitude, but I would like to have the Name of each point only to be visible when it is hovered over.

I am presuming that I will need to write some kind of HTML code in the Templates -> Teaser tab, but am unsure of how to go about this.

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Interaction of that sort is not possible in TileMill. The reason for this is that TileMill generates static .png images of your map as 256x256px tiles. To re-render markers, you would have to generate (and serve) a new tile every time a user hovered over the marker--or generate multiple tiles if the marker overlapped many.

It is possible to generate popup interaction in TileMill using UTF-8Grids, in the Templates -> Teaser tab as you mentioned, but that interaction will only display a popup, not change the style of the marker.

To pull off what you're talking about, you would need to use a javascript library like leaflet or mapbox.js.

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