I have a polyline that needs to have triangles placed along the inside of the line as shown in the sample picture below. I've searched through ArcMap's symbology set and thought I could just add a second line along the original with a symbology of triangle shapes along the new line but cannot find anything appropriate in the symbology set. Any thoughts?

Polyline Symbology


This can be accomplished by adding a marker line symbol to your line symbol.In the symbol property editor add a layer to the line by pressing the 'plus' button in the layer window. enter image description here

Once you have added the layer select 'Marker Line Symbol' from the 'Type' drop-down menu.

enter image description here

Now press the 'Symbol' button and select the 'Triangle 1' symbol and adjust the size to your liking. Then press the 'Edit Symbol' button and adjust the Y axis offset to be just above the dashed line in the preview pane. enter image description here

Now select the 'Template' tab and adjust the interval to your liking and press 'OK' to exit the editor. enter image description here

You should now have a line styled like the one shown above. enter image description here

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