I am trying to find mean coordinates of a shapefile to which I have joined a CSV file for population attributes, but these will not show.

I'm working with county data of each US state based on the year 1860. I have the shapefile for the states which has polygons as counties. It has its own set of attributes but not that of population in the year 1860.

I imported the CSV file and joined the data to the original shapefile of the state. This all works fine.

The problem comes when I try to use the mean coordinate function to make a weighted centroid it does not recognize the joined attributes.

What am I doing wrong?

Attributes which I have joined to the shapefile to use for finding mean coordinate

Columns not showing up in mean coordinates weight field

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The mean coordinates tool in the Vector menu does not seem to support joined fields but you can use the newer version of the tool which is located in the Processing toolbox: in this example ELEV is from the original attribute table and airports_ELEV is from the joined attribute table

enter image description here


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