I work on a geospatial aggregator. We support certain kinds of temporal data, but we don't have clear names for the different types, and I don't have a clear understanding of the range of geospatial+temporal data. Is there a definitive classification of types? Even a standard term for each one would be helpful.

For instance, these are either supported or planned:

  • raster + time (eg, satellite imagery)
  • point in time (eg, earthquakes)
  • point with time series (eg, river levels at sensor locations)
  • point moving in time (vehicle locations)

And obviously the above could be applied to polygons and lines, to cover things like change in extent of vegetation, or position of a storm front.

And further, some of the above could be combined, like a point moving in time that also has one or more time series associated with it (eg, a sensor mounted on a vehicle).


  • Are there other "spatial + temporal" combinations not included in the above?
  • What are the definitive terms for each combination?

Add to that

  • point with time span (an observation valid between two timestamps: from_time and to_time)

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