How could I set LinePlacementFlags with Python in QGIS? My code is something like:

palyr = QgsPalLayerSettings()
palyr.enabled = True
palyr.fieldName = "attribute"

Then I've tried:

palyr.placement= QgsPalLayerSettings.Line

And my labels are on the line. I want them above the line, but I can't figure how to do this. I found there is LinePlacementFlags type. But

palyr.LinePlacementFlags= QgsPalLayerSettings.AboveLine

didn't work.


You're looking for placementFlags. So,

palyr.placementFlags = QgsPalLayerSettings.AboveLine

should work. Note that LinePlacementFlags can be combined, so

palyr.placementFlags = QgsPalLayerSettings.AboveLine | QgsPalLayerSettings.BelowLine 

will allow labels above and below the line, but not on over the line.

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