I am doing a project for automated soil mapping using landsat TM imagery, I have 3 output rasters: one for sand percentage one for silt percentage and a third for clay percentage.

How can I incorporate these three rasters to get an output raster where pixels are classified on the basis of percent silt sand and clay according to USDA soil textural triangle?

I want my model to symbolize it on the go, for example green represents silty loam in my map etc.

I am using ArcGIS 10.2 and want to do the work in a form of model.


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If you go to this site (I did nothing more than a simple Google search) there is an online calculator. Right at the top is a link to an Excel file this appears to contain all the logic you require to compute your soil texture type. I would suggest you look there first as all you need to do is transfer that logic to a python/model environment.

As for symbolizing it you could create a pre-built layer file with the appropriate symbology set and you apply that to the final dataset.

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