I am running QGIS 2.8 on a Mac machine and I want to calculate the catchment area using SAGA - Catchment Area. It starts running but after a while when QGIS wants to open the generated files there is an error message that QGIS cannot open the files:

Oooops! The following output layers could not be open

Name for output filled (flooded) elevation raster map:

Name for output flow direction raster map: 

Name for output sink-watershed raster map:

In contrast the SAGA - Channel Network and drainage basin analysis fully works. What is wrong here?

  • Are you just running the tool straight, or as part of a model/processing chain? I seem to recall having this sort of issue using the exact same SAGA cachement area when using it inside a processing chain, which required a hacky workaround. – Thomas Oct 16 '15 at 19:10

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