I have a raster file with two categories: category 12 (total count=350) and category 14 (total county = 500). The attribute table looks like this:

rowid Value Count
 0     12     350
 1     14     500  

Is there any way I can give all pixel a value of 1?

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Have a look at the Reclassify tool (Spatial Analyst).


You can use a conditional statement in the raster calculator as follows:

Con("your_raster.tif" >= 12, 1, "your_raster.tif")

This command assigns any value greater than or equal to 12 a value of 1.


Rather than playing with conditional statements (which are fine, but not necessary here), I would just do the following in raster calculator:

("raster.tif" * 0) + 1 

Simple and effective.

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