I'm importing the cartography of Spain with osm2pgrouting.

I want to import address information, that is, the tag addr = *. I modified the file mapconfig.xml follows:

  <type name="junction" id="4">
    <class name="roundabout" id="401" />
  <type name="addr:housenumber" id="5"></type>
  <type name="addr:street" id="6"></type>
  <type name="addr:flats" id="7"></type>
  <type name="addr:city" id="8"></type>
  <type name="addr:country" id="9"></type>

I did not get any result.

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You need to use osm2psql for example, if you want to import data, that is not (road) network data.

osm2pgrouting only handles linestring geometries and will not work with point data.

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