I have an offline geodatabase in android ArcGIS which I have downloaded through gdbAsyncTask.

how do I loop into every feature in that geodatabase?

for example I could have collect all the IDs from the geodatabase and then loop into each in a for loop but this is not possible.

new FeatureLayer(localGdb.getGeodatabaseFeatureTableByLayerId(id)).getFeatureIDs(x,y,tolerance);

getFeatureIDs method does not work since I guess I have to also add the layer in my map. But I want to do that without having to add it to my map. Since I need to get the geometries only.

After the point: localGdb.getGeodatabaseFeatureTableByLayerId(id), how do I guery for all the features? or query for all the feature IDs, so then I can reach every feaure?

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The oid of the features in the feature layer generally match the 'rowid' so can be used incrementally.

Long lenLayer = gvOC.geodatabaseFeatureTable.getNumberOfFeatures();
Long featureid;
Geometry g;
for (long i = 1; i <= lenLayer;  i++) { 
        Feature selectedFeature = gvOC.featureLayer.getFeature(i);
        featureid = selectedFeature.getId();
        g = selectedFeature.getGeometry();

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