Can i create a map using plain image(jpg or png) with GeoServer and OpenLayers?

Scenario as i see it:

  • I upload image(somehow) to GeoServer and it converts it to a map layer
  • Then i create a simple html file with OpenLayers connected, and grab my layer from GeoServer

Any tutorials or documentation? I tried to find solution for this case by myself, but unsuccessfully.

Or may be i misunderstand something general in GeoServer?


You have the right idea.

  • Geo-reference the image first, this can be done with the QGIS geo-referenceing tool, you will need some background mapping for reference.

  • Publish the image with a WMS through GeoServer. Just install geoserver locally and create a datastore on a local drive.

  • Create a simple webmap with OpenLayers and view WMS from GeoServer.

It might be worth looking at GDAL.

  • Thank you @Matt! I figured it out. Buе I found how to georeference my image as GeoTIFF. How can I convert it to .jgw or .pgw? – ar4ers Jun 29 '15 at 18:47
  • Take a look at using GDAL translate gdal.org/gdal_translate.html via the OSGeo Shell or GDAL command line tool. – Matt Jun 30 '15 at 7:07
  • You can also use a GeoTiff image directly with GeoServer (or a directory of GeoTiffs with the Image Mosaic plugin). – Matt Jun 30 '15 at 7:14
  • Thank you for your reply! I'll try GDAL. And I have already deployed my map via GeoTiff to GeoServer, thank to you:-) As well, may be you know the right way to create georeferenced image from .jpg or .png from Java? Or it will be easier to build my own .jgw or .pwg for concrete image? – ar4ers Jun 30 '15 at 7:22

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