I have points representing where street light poles meet the ground. I also have the angle which the mast arm is facing. We use this to symbolize the features by showing the mast arm over the appropriate road- sometimes it is not perpendicular to the closest road. I need to associate attributes in the street centerline with the point.

The near tool doesn't do it because you can't specify a specific angle.

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    Yes but Generate Near Table can consider all alternatives which can then be reduced by definition/query to just the ones that are within a specific angle. The angle is specific to the source so a join will be needed to correlate the two. Is that what you're after? Do you have any python scripting ability? I think, in the end, when it comes to two choices that seem fairly likely arcpy is going to be needed to find/attribute the closest to the tangent. Jun 29, 2015 at 2:56

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I found the Bearing Distance To Line tool:

Creates a new feature class containing geodetic line features constructed based on the values in an x-coordinate field, y-coordinate field, bearing field, and distance field of a table.

This worked well.

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