I am using windows 7(32-bit) and want to warp NetCDF (nc) files and save the output as GeoTIFF.

First I run gdalinfo first to get the info of the subdataset I need and added NETCDF in the beginning(e.g. gdalinfo NETCDF:"A2015069035500.L2_LAC_OC.nc") but was unfortunate because a warning appeared:

Warning 1: Variable has 0 dimension(s) - not supported. gdalinfo failed - unable to open 'netCDF:A2015069035500.L2_LAC_OC.nc'.

Command line input:

gdalinfo A2015069035500.L2_LAC_OC.nc

NetCDF is present when I tried gdalinfo --formats.

Does anyone have any idea about this?


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Your problem comes from adressing the subdatasets incorrectly.

If you run gdalinfo on the complete file it will display the names of the subdatasets:


To get the information of the first subdataset you need to feed the complete name into gdalinfo

gdalinfo HDF5:"A2015069000500.L2_LAC_OC.nc"://geophysical_data/Kd_490

Alternatively you can use the -sd option to adress a subdataset:

gdalinfo -sd 1 A2015069000500.L2_LAC_OC.nc

If you want to translate a subdataset from HDF5 to GeoTiff you'll also need to provide the full name of the subdataset:

gdal_translate HDF5:"A2015069000500.L2_LAC_OC.nc"://geophysical_data/Kd_490 subdataset1.tif

Additionally your product is HDF5 and not NetCDF, as specified in the Ocean Level-2 Data Products.

  • How will I batch process gdalwarp these HDF5 files?
    – lovelyvm
    Jul 14, 2015 at 3:59

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