I'm using Mapfish Print v3 to print a layer from the following link:


To test the printing function I'm using the Test Print page shipped with the 3.3 shapshot. Unfortunately any single attempt I've done so far has been unsuccessful: the pdf file produced always renders a blank map.

Still I can load all the layers into ArcGIS. So I guess the problem must be on my Mapfish configuration/JSON request.

I tested my config.yaml and JSON request against the following link:


and it worked fine (although no matter the layers' names in the JSON request, I always got the correct result, anyway...).

This is my config.yaml:

  A4 landscape: !template
    reportTemplate: simpleReport.jrxml
      map: !map
        maxDpi: 400
        width: 780
        height: 330
    - !reportBuilder # compile all reports in current directory
      directory: '.'
    - !createMap
      inputMapper: {map: map}
      outputMapper: {mapSubReport: map}
    - !configureHttpRequests
          - !restrictUris
            - !ipMatch
              ip: webapps.sit.puglia.it

I've made sure to allow the use of the server.

This is my JSON request:

    "attributes": {"map": {
        "bbox": [
        "dpi": 72,
        "layers": [{
            "baseURL": "http://webapps.sit.puglia.it/arcgis/services/Background/TNOInquadramento/MapServer/WMSServer",
            "customParams": {
                "EXCEPTIONS": "INIMAGE",
                "TRANSPARENT": "true"
            "imageFormat": "image/png",
            "layers": ["Confini Provinciali"],
            "type": "WMS",
            "version": "1.3.0"
        "projection": "EPSG:3004",
        "rotation": 0
    "layout": "A4 landscape"

Actually using the layer's name I get the following error:

Parameter 'layers' contains unacceptable layer names.

which I solved using the layer id.

So what's wrong with the first service? Is it some peculiarity of the service or is it my own Mapfish instance?

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Ok, the problem was that I was requesting the wrong layer.

As stated in the question, for some reason Mapfish has problems loading the layer by its name so I had to find the layer by ID.

To do this I loaded the layer on ArcGIS and gathered its ID from ArcGIS description (right-click on the layer).

But apparently this description is relative to the rest ArcGIS server proprietary protocol, while I have to refer to the WMS capabilities.

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