I am trying to iterate through some feature classes, named "Hos_AllPatients2014", and select the certain data and name it "Hos_IP", then export it to the corresponding folder "Hos". I have already made folders for each "Hos" that contain another layer I had to make for each. However, there are some "AllPatients2014" feature classes for which I do not have a folder. I thought I deleted them all out, but found out halfway through my model running that it had an error and stopped. I would have liked to have had the model contain a portion to check if "Hos_IP" already exists, and if so move on to the next iteration. Instead, I had to create a new folder with the remaining "AllPatients2014" and started the model again.

I would like to find out how to get the model to make this check for a feature class and skip to the next iteration if it exists. I would also be interested to figure out if the folder for "Hos" exists, and if not, create a folder for it and go ahead and export the data like the rest.

I don't know how helpful a picture of my model will be, but it is included. Also open to hearing how I can refine the whole thing.Iterate FC


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You can implement if-then-else logic with Branching


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