I am trying to use a script tool in python add-in wizard to make a toolbar which will have button options. The script tool is working fine in the toolbox and I am using them in arcgis 10.2.2. The script tool I am using doesn't interact with the map. It takes in some input and run some geoprocessing. I want to add the script tool in a toolbar so that I can interact with the output of the geoprocessing. When I added it to the toolbar it does show up in the toolbar but doesn't run the script tool when clicked.

Can anyone suggest how I can use scripted tool in python add-in wizard?


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Once you've created the toolbar with the button tool via the python add-in wizard, you can edit the python script in the Install folder and use the pythonaddins.GPToolDialog in the buttons onClick method.

Example from the help:

import arcpy
import pythonaddins

class OpenGPTool(object):
    def __init__(self):
        self.enabled = True
        self.checked = False
    def onClick(self):
        pythonaddins.GPToolDialog(r'C:\MyTools\WaterStudy.tbx', 'GroundWaterYield')

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