If I have the point POINT (-75.45454 25.12345 1024 ) in a geometry or geography column in SQL Server, but render it with STAsText() I lose the Z dimension.

SELECT geography::STGeomFromText('POINT (-75.45454 25.12345 1024 )', 4326).STAsText() AS point

POINT (-75.45454 25.12345)

How do I get the full WKT? There is nothing listed in OGC Methods on Geography Instances.

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The answer is AsTextZM (), which is listed on the Extended Methods on Geography.

WITH geo AS (
    SELECT geography::STGeomFromText('POINT (-75.45454 25.12345 1024 )', 4326) AS point)
    geo.point.AsTextZM() AS WTKFull,
    geo.point.STAsText() AS WTK2d
FROM geo

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