I'm using Tiger road files and I want to label the highways with their shield number. Tiger has an inconsistent naming convention for road features; I am specifically concerned with the highways. I have defined 3 seperate label classes: interstate, US, and state route. For each I applied an SQL query of their corresponding route types.

The part I am struggling with is creating a label expression for each that would include only the last SET of numbers. I say "set" because there are varying numbers of characters annotating the highway number.

Example: US Hwy 24, US Hwy 6, State Hwy 78 N

Is there a way to include only the highway number for the label?

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    Using your example what would you want the label to show?
    – Hornbydd
    Jul 9, 2015 at 19:58

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Update: I found the solution in the following link under "Extract a number." Be sure to select "advanced" in the label expression dialog.



Here is another option using python within the label expression (less code):

def FindLabel ( [MYFIELDNAME] ):
    return ''.join(i for i in [MYFIELDNAME]  if i.isdigit()) 
  except ValueError:

Make sure you change the Parser to Python and check the Advanced checkbox.

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