I have a forecast map of 6x6 lat/lon extend from 104E-110E, 10N-16N as an static PNG image and want to make it an overlay on the basemap of OSM/Google map using openlayers 3. The problem is OSM uses Mercator project while my images uses Equirectangular and the maps don't fit.

You can see my implementation at http://thoitiet.hus.vnu.edu.vn/?m=meteo&a=ol

Maybe there are methods where I can transform the image to Mercator first, but it's much better if openlayers can handle the correct projection. How/Is it possible that can I do it?

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Currently image reprojection on the fly is not icluded in OL library, your best shot is to reproject your image with gdal then use a ol.source.StaticImage for displaying it on the map.

The raster reprojection is a work in progress, you can have a look to these links to have more information about that:

OL 3 Google group discussion

OL3 Github issue



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